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Infinito Resort - Golf 22


One hole at a time between the centuries-old olive trees

Anyone who has held a golf club in their hand knows about the concentration you need to study your shot and the adrenaline rush you experience when the ball flies towards the hole. Golf is an exciting sport and, here in Apulia, you can enjoy playing it in exclusive golf clubs surrounded by magnificent centuries-old olive trees.

Less than 10 minutes from the Infinito Resort, you will find the Golf Caselli Driving Range, nestled in an expanse of Mediterranean scrub with a breathtaking sea view. For experts looking for more serious golf courses, the classic 18 holes, you can choose between the San Domenico Golf Club, where the wind will either be your ally or your opponent, or the Acaya Golf Club, the top golf course in Apulia and certified with five stars by the BVGA.

Infinito Resort - Golf 23
Book your golf experience in Apulia and put yourself to the test on the green golf courses with a breathtaking sea view.
  • Infinito Resort - Golf 23
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